On background of NATO`s forces deployment, Russia tests ballistic missiles

On background of NATO`s forces deployment, Russia tests ballistic missiles

Brussels / London : Post NATO’s declaration of forces deployment in the Baltic Nations and Poland, Russia too reacted on the same lines to the NATO. Russian army tested ‘Intercontinental ballistic missiles’ with the help of mobile launcher. It was a part of our war-practice, stated the Russian army. Around 400 military vehicles, drones and combat robots have been used in this war practice.

The NATO is deploying forces and making military moves in the Baltic and East European Nations. Last week, the NATO had announced of deploying its 10,000 soldiers each in the two Baltic nations, whereas the United States is going to deploy its 10,000 soldiers in Poland. On the background of the NATO’s military movements, Russia too has intensified its movements in these regions. Russia had already deployed its 30,000 forces near the western border. Also, a war practice has been arranged here by Russia.

This war practice is going on near the borders of Kazakistan. In this war practice conducted in the ‘Atali’ region of Russia the Intercontinental ballistic missiles that would directly attack upto Europe were tested. The Russian military has not published information in this regard. But, according to the information of the British media, the attacking capacity of these missiles is upto East and Central Europe. Thus, the ongoing war practice by Russia near the Kazakistan borders seems to be a strong warning for the NATO and the countries supporting the NATO.

Since last few days, the President of Russia has started making aggressive changes in his military. After the NATO’s orders of deployment of its forces in the Baltic nations near the western borders of Russia, President Putin had ordered his military to stay alert. Putin had also ordered to launch attacks on the destroyers of the countries that challenge the security of Russia in the Baltic marine area. It has been reported that Putin has dismissed around 50 officers who failed to follow the orders to stop the ships of the western countries. This includes the Deputy Navy Chief officer too. Such huge actions on the military officials had never happened after the era of Stalin. Thus, this indicates that the Russian President is very serious about the naval movements in this area.

Meanwhile, some of the officers of the NATO are demanding a dialogue with Russia.        

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