Germany opposes Russia’s ‘Information Warfare’ in the Baltics

Berlin : Germany has accused Russian media of waging ’Information Warfare’ in Eastern Europe via means of “fake news” and has taken a stand to oppose it. German Foreign Ministry spokesperson declared launching of a Russian-language media very soon in the Baltics. The announcement came ahead of German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s upcoming tour to the Baltic states. It is said that an important announcement to this effect would be made during Gabriel’s tour. Just a few days back, Russian defence forces had informed about the launch of a new “information warfare unit”.     

Fake-news“During his trip to the Baltic, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel will start the new initiative. Assistance of  appropriate partners to handle Russia’s “fake news” will be taken. Under the new initiative Russian-language radio as well as a news channel will be launched. The main objective is to provide correct information to the Russian speakers staying in the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The whole effort will be to broadcast news in a different way from current Russian media”, said Germany‘s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Martin Schaefer.   

In last November, the European Parliament had passed an independent resolution against Russia’s “information warfare”. This decision signaled the use of necessary resources to tackle Russia’s propaganda warfare. Later, in the month of January, European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council took a decision to channelize huge funds to the “East StratCom” agency.    

Later, in the beginning of February, US started broadcasting of a Russian-language news channel named “Current Time TV” in Czech Republic. The channel was launched with assistance from “Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”. In addition, UK Foreign Office too had declared to provide fund of $880 million for East European nations. Accusing Russia of waging “Information Warfare” in Europe, UK’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has declared of using this money in Ukraine and Baltic states.

The recent declaration by the German Foreign Ministry is seen as a leaping step of this same initiative.  

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