As a reply to NATO, Russia deploys 30,000 troops

Will test a nuclear missile, undetectable by RADAR

Moscow, Dt.26 (Newsagency) – As NATO readies itself in preparedness of its defense systems in European countries, Russia has responded as if in a ‘Tit for Tat’ manner. Last week NATO activated a ‘Missile Defense’ system in Romania, the second phase of which was started at Poland. This was followed by the announcement of Montenegro being inducted as a new member of NATO.

In what appears to be a retort to NATO’s rather strange act, Russia has deployed around 30,000 troops along its Western border. Further, Russia has announced the testing of ‘Satan II’(RS-28 Sarmat), an advanced nuclear missile, equipped with ‘Stealth’ technology.

Russia NATO

Alexander Grushko, Russia’s representative to NATO, informed about the deployment of military troops. He stated that, various measures have been taken in order to secure Russia’s relations and establishment of three military divisions was a part of it.  These military divisions, he said, would be located up near Rostov-on-Don, Smolensk and the Voronezh region at the Western border of Russia.

Along with the establishment of three military divisions, Russia has decided to increase its nuclear arsenal by announcing the test of an advanced missile ‘RS-28 Sarmat’.  Russian ‘Zvezda’ TV channel has disclosed the information about it. ‘RS-28 Sarmat’, an ‘Intercontinental Ballistic Missile’ (ICBM) weighs approximately 100 tons with a capacity to carry around 15 nuclear weapons.

The missile has been manufactured by using the Stealth techonology, thereby making it impossible for even Radars to detect it. This advanced missile has a range of nearly 10,000 kilometres. They have claimed that it is capable of effectively destroying France in Europe and Texas in America in one attack.  ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ has been under development since 2009 and is expected to be deployed in the Russian Defence system by the year 2020, sources have said. With a phenomenal speed of seven kilometers per second, this missile is capable of targeting America, along with European countries.

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