Russian President declares to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe; indications of an open conflict with NATO

Moscow : Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has declared to deploy nuclear missiles closer to Europe, in response to the aggressive strides by NATO. According to sources, as per Putin’s declaration, the deployment of these nuclear-capable ‘Iskander’ missiles and state-of-the-art ‘S-400’missiles systems has begun. This deployment is happening in the Russian military enclave in Kaliningrad in Eastern Europe. Putin’s declaration is considered as an open indication of conflict with NATO against its aggressive actions.


In an interview broadcasted on a Russian news channel, President Putin declared his intentions behind his decision against NATO. “Russia is concerned by NATO’s decision making. Hence, we have decided to counter their actions. We will target with our missile systems.NATO facilities that in our opinion pose a threat to Russia”, said Putin in his sharpest remarks against NATO’s expansion.

Russian_President_Vladimir_PutinEven though Russia has perpetually taken a stand against NATO, this open intention to target NATO’s deployment, has surely created uproar. It is said that the reasons behind such a statement could be the change in the Presidency of the United States and new President-elect Donald Trump’s policy in regards to NATO. Trump has disowned the responsibility of protecting the NATO allies and has rather asked European countries to take up this responsibility by paying a fair share for their defense. Several NATO and European leaders had feared that such a policy of Trump will only further empower Russia.

According to Putin’s declaration, Russia has started moving its missiles near Europe. According to Russian sources, Russia has deployed its nuclear capable missiles, ‘Iskander’ and advanced missile system,‘S-400’ at Kaliningrad in Eastern Europe. ‘Iskander’ is a nuclear capable missile having a range of 450 miles. Hence, it is said that many European countries including Germany fall in its range.

It is said that the ‘S-400’ missile systems will easily be able counteract NATO’s airstrikes. These missile systems are considered the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology amongst all the currently functional missile systems in the world.

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