7 protestors killed in Myanmar military action; bloodiest day in the month

Yangon: – Seven protestors, including a woman, were killed in the inhuman action taken by the Myanmar military against the protestors on Sunday. The protestors were infuriated further after it was exposed that the military opened fire on the protestors. The protestors have announced that they will rise further against the oppression by the military. Whereas, the military junta regime, which overthrew the elected government in Myanmar, has announced that these protests will be brutally crushed; hence, the number of casualties can go up.  

A few hours ago, the Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations, Kyaw Moe Tun, appealed to the UN Security Council to re-establish democracy in Myanmar. Simultaneously, Kyaw Moe Tun also demanded stern action against the country’s brutal Military Junta Regime. As the Ambassador of the country made this appeal on the international platform, the infuriated Myanmar military intensified its action against the protestors. A Myanmar citizen has expressed a concern on social media that the country has become a battlefield.

On Sunday, the Myanmar military took action against the protestors in the main cities like Yangon, Dawei and Mandalay. At the time, the military also used stun grenades against the protestors. But after realising that it failed to instil fear in the protestors’ minds, the military opened fire. The police force also was used against the protesting teachers. Seven people were killed in these actions in three cities, and the number of casualties this month has reached 18.   

Since the last two days, despite the military using force, the protestors are unwilling to retreat. As per received information, the member parties from the coalition government of Aung San Syu Ki, arrested by the Junta Military regime, have started moves to form an interim government. An official informed that help will be sought from neighbours like India and China and the international community.   

Meanwhile, an Australian thinktank has accused that unregistered Chinese aircraft flights have started between China and Myanmar since the last week. The thinktank expressed a concern that aircraft are leaving from China with undisclosed cargo for Myanmar every night. The Australian thinktank pointed out that although the Myanmar military has banned all foreign aircraft, these flights are landing in Myanmar.   

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