Myanmar sees widespread protests against the coup by military junta

Naypyidaw: – The agitation against the Myanmar military is becoming more intense and extensive by the day. The army and the security agencies have made preparations to crush the agitation, and warning has been issued of stern action against any protestor violating the law. On Monday, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the military in the country’s major cities, including capital Naypyidaw. It is claimed that more than a 100,000 people joined the rally to protest against the military in the largest city of Yangon.  

The military seized power through a revolt, on last Monday. After that, the army arrested hundreds of lawmakers and leaders and the pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint. The Myanmar military has announced emergency in the country, and military units have been deployed in many parts of the country. Indications are that these activities of the Myanmar military are receiving support from China.   

But the United States, European countries and Southeast Asian countries have adopted an aggressive stand against the coup in Myanmar and have warned of strict steps including sanctions. Against this very background, the Myanmar population has started a non-cooperation movement against the military government. The military had raised a baton of a ban on the internet and social media apps to dismantle the agitation. But the picture was that thousands of civilians took to the streets to protest through various means defying the ban.

Along with the teachers, students and government employees, a group of Buddhist monks also participated in the protests. In Yangon’s city, the protestors carried placards with messages, ‘Say no to dictatorship’, ‘We want democracy’, ‘Release our leaders’ and ‘Reject military coup’ and shouted slogans in support of democratic leader Suu Kyi. Thousands of civilians took to the street in capital Naypyidaw to protest against the military regime, and the government employees have given a call for a nationwide strike. It is being said that these are the first large scale protests in Myanmar since 2007.   

It has been revealed that the local security agencies have taken action against the protestors in capital Naypyidaw and Yangon. It has also been exposed that water mixed with chemicals was sprayed on the protestors at this time. Although the protests in Myanmar are peaceful till now, the military has warned of aggressive actions in the future. The statement issued by the army on Monday accuses that some groups are violating the law using democracy and human rights. There is a warning in the report that aggressive action will be taken against these groups threatening the country’s stability and security. 

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