Emergency clamped in Myanmar after military seizes power; Democratic leader Syu Ki arrested alongside President and lawmakers

Nay Pyi Taw: – The Myanmar military has once again assumed power through a rebellion. The sensation was created only 24 hours ago with this military action, that assured to respect democracy. The Myanmar military arrested the main pro-democracy leader and President of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Syu Ki and declared an emergency. Strong reactions have been received from India, the United States, Australia, the United Nations and ASEAN.   

Last year, in November, elections were held in Myanmar; wherein the National League for Democracy party of the Pro-democracy leader Aung San Syu Ki returned to power winning nearly 60% of the seats. But the military and the political groups supported by the military started a resistance accusing of gross malpractices in the elections. They also demanded that the election commission publish the list of all the citizens who voted in the elections. The elections commission dismissed the military’s accusation and supported groups and decided to maintain the status.   

The new parliament session was scheduled to start on Monday. Before that, in the last week, the Myanmar military chief made statements indicating changes to be made to the constitution prepared in the year 2008. In view of the international reactions regarding the statements, military chief General Min Aung Hlaing issued a clarification on Sunday. The clarification said that the democratic process in Myanmar would be respected. But within 24 hours of this, the Myanmar military has seized power in Myanmar with the rebellion. In action taken on Monday morning, the Myanmar military arrested President Win Mint and many lawmakers, along with Syu Ki. Military units and helicopters have been deployed in the main cities of Myanmar, including Nay Pyi Taw. The government news agency, banks and many important undertakings have been closed and military chief General Min Aung Hlaing has taken over all the reins of power. Emergency has been declared in Myanmar. The military informed that elections would be held once again in Myanmar, within a year.  

Before her arrest, Syu Ki issued a statement. The statement is an appeal to the people of Myanmar to start an agitation against the military revolt. At the same time, Syu Ki has warned that the military intends to impose dictatorship in the country once again. Analysts claim that the military is upset with the majority won by Syu Ki’s party in the second successive elections. Therefore the military revolted to reduce Syu Ki’s influence and to protect its own interests.  

Reactions have been received from the international level regarding the rebellion in Myanmar. The United States and the United Kingdom have even warned of retaliatory actions. Along with the United Nations and the ASEAN group, India, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore and Bangladesh have denounced the military rebellion in strong words. These countries have also demanded that the Myanmar military should immediately release Syu Ki and respect democracy.   

This is the third military rebellion in Myanmar in the last seven decades. The military had seized power with a rebellion in 1962 and 1988. Myanmar military receives massive support from China; it has also been exposed that the terrorist groups operating from northern Myanmar border also receive financial and weapons aid from China.   

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