Will invade Pakistan and kill; war cry of Indian PM

Third World War

New Delhi/Islamabad: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave out a war cry ‘We will invade Pakistan to settle all the accounts.’ Pakistan has panicked after this. Pakistan is running from pillar to post, as the analysts from that country have warned that not only India but the United States and Israel also is preparing for strong action against Pakistan. These analysts are appealing to the policymakers to think of ways to isolate India from these two countries. Therefore, reports are being received that Pakistan, who was speaking the language of a confrontation with India, is developing cold feet.


Narendra-ModiIn the last 24 hours, the Indian Prime Minister expressed the anger, simmering in the Indian population against Pakistan, during his address at the public rallies. Prime Minister Modi announced in a public rally ‘Even if the terrorists go to hide at the end of the world; we will trace them. We cannot wait further. We will invade Pakistan, to settle the accounts.’ Therefore, the nature of the action against Pakistan has been decided and the only question is, when will it be executed? The international media have reported that Israel is collaborating with India, for this action. Moreover, it has been revealed that US National Security Advisor John Bolton had telephonic discussions with Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. Bolton strongly supported the action against Jaish, saying that India had the right to defend itself.

It is impossible for a country like Pakistan to face the simultaneous action by India, Israel and the United States. Therefore, the Pakistani analysts have advised that the Pakistani policy planners should make use of allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey to appease Israel, not to participate in this dispute. The analysts have also said that Pakistan, under tremendous international pressure, will have to act against the terrorists. The effects are apparent, and Pakistan has arrested 44 people including the brother and son of Jaish chief Moulana Masood Azhar.

The Pakistan media are subtly accepting that this action is because of the pressure of the threat of an Indian attack and the international political pressure. The Pakistan defence forces are in a still worse situation. Pakistan has made preparations to move the military from the Afghan border to the Indian border. The Pakistan military officials are requesting support for the local gangs to ensure Afghan border security. But the proposal has been turned down. Therefore, the Pakistani border with Afghanistan has become unsecured.

A local from the region gave this information to an Indian news agency, and it is said that the Pakistan military is travelling to the Indian border, in any available vehicle.

While Pakistan is preparing for a conflict with India, the rebel organisations in Balochistan have initiated attacks on the Pakistani military posts. These rebels are dying to avenge the atrocities showered by the Pakistan military on the Baloch people and have appealed to India not to retreat as the Baloch people have started an all-out freedom struggle. Therefore, it is evident that Pakistan will have to fight for its very existence, in the next few days. More importantly, The Pakistan population has realised that there is a major disparity between the roars of the past and the current scenario. Therefore, the insecurity in Pakistan is increasing by the day, and that too is becoming a major challenge for the country.

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