Political crisis in Maldives, is the beginning of new conflict between India and China, claims international media and analysts

New Delhi/Male/Beijing: On the background of the political crisis, Maldives has decided to send envoys to its friend nations. While Maldives have sent the envoys to China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, it has avoided sending the envoy to India. Maldives took this decision within hours of the Chinese reaction about the military intervention. According to the international media and experts, this is the beginning of the new conflict between India and China after ‘Doklam’.

maldives, crisis, india, china, abdulla yameenThe Supreme Court of Maldives had ordered the government to release all political prisoners. However, President Abdulla Yameen had accused that that this is a plot against the government. Following this, the Maldives government arrested three judges and other important persons. As the opposition started protesting against it, President Yameen declared a state of emergency. After this, former President Mohamed Nasheed appealed to India for a military intervention. China seems to have become restless due to this.

Again, on Thursday, China reacted on this without naming India. The international community should honour the sovereignty of Maldives and should take a constructive role to bring both the parties to the negotiating table, said Geng Shuang, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson. Also, saying that there is no need for anyone to intervene in the internal disputes in Maldives, China has even opposed interventionby the United Nations.

Against this background, Maldives government has decided to explain its stance by sending envoys to the important countries. But, India is not included in these countries. That makes it evident that the Maldives government does not have faith in India. As the intensity of the discussions increased, the Maldives government has also reacted. As per Maldives government’s plan, the first envoy was to be sent to India, but as both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj are out of the country, the envoys are being sent to other countries, said Ahmed Mohamed, Maldives Ambassador to India.

The experts are looking at the whole Maldives political crisis as the beginning of a new conflict between India and China over area of influence. China is trying to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean region. The Yameen government, elected in 2013, is known for its pro-Chinese policies. Therefore, after the free trade agreement with China, Maldives joined the One Belt One Road project, despite Indian objections.

Yameen government has permitted China to develop a few islands in Maldives. China is trying to set up military bases on these islands. But, due to the India’s pressure, Maldives has still not permitted China for this. It is apparent that President Abdulla Yameen is making his efforts to gain entire control over Maldives by declaring a state of emergency just before the elections.

If these efforts are successful, China, who has put its might behind Yameen, will try to take advantage. Therefore, all the political observers are looking forward to know as to what stand India willtake about the Maldives political crisis.

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