Maldives Crisis: China warns India of action if it intervenes

Beijing: The former President of Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed has accused China of trying to encroach the land of Maldives’ by putting the country in a debt trap. The accusation has not gone well with China and its foreign ministry has dismissed the accusations. The mouthpiece of the Chinese government, ‘Global Times’ daily has said that if India makes a military intervention in Maldives then China will act against it.

Malmaldives, india, chinadives is going through a political crisis currently and the current President, Abdulla Yameen has arrested the judges of the supreme court. As the democracy in Maldives has been threatened, India should make a military intervention, appealed the former President Mohammed Nasheed. Nasheed also claimed that this the people of Maldives also had the same kind of expectation from India. Nasheed has made serious allegations against China, the support of the current President Yameen.

China is putting Maldives in a debt trap. By doing this China wants to take control over its land. China is gaining control over the lands of countries world over in this manner’, highlighted Nasheed. The Chinese foreign ministry has reacted to the accusations made by Nasheed. The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeperson, Geng Shuang claimed that the accusation by Nasheed to be baseless and laughable. Whereas the Chinese state media is warning India, not to intervene in the Maldives crisis.

If India makes a military intervention in Maldives, China will send its military there as well, is the threat given by ‘Global Times’ daily to India. The daily has said that India should not test China in this matter. Although India has expressed concern about the Maldives crisis, it has not taken the decision on a military intervention. But, there were reports of the Indian military units being kept in readiness.

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