China restless due to possible Indian intervention in Maldives political crisis

New Delhi/Beijing/Male: China has become restless as the former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has asked India for military intervention in the Maldives political crisis. India should not get into military intervention in Maldives. Political crisis is an issue internal for a nation, says the editorial of the ‘Global Times’ daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government. The newspaper also alleges that India has the ambition of controlling the smaller countries in South Asia.

maldives, india, china, political crisis, indian armyMaldives President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency in Maldives. In view of this, the former President Mohamed Nasheed had requested India for military intervention. The Indian Foreign Mministry had said that the state of emergency in Maldives is a cause of worry. There are reports that India has made preparations to evacuate the Indians in Maldives and has kept the army in readiness for military intervention.

It is evident that China is disturbed by the possibility of Indian military intervention. The editorial of Global times has levelled serious accusations against India. India has been pressurising Maldives, for many years, using its influence. India has the ambition to control the smaller South Asian nations. The smaller South Asian nations make efforts to establish relationships with other bigger nations. India has always opposed these efforts, said Global Times.

Maldives signed a Free Trade Treaty with China. The article also points out that when Maldives agreed to participate in the ‘One Belt One Road’, India had objected. Geng Shuang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, has also reacted on the possibility of Indian military intervention. This will complicate the situation in Maldives. Instead, the international community should respect the sovereignty of Maldives and take a constructive position, was the expectation expressed by Geng Shuang.

While China is expressing concerns over the possible Indian intervention, the former president has claimed that the people of Maldives are looking at India with great expectations. ‘The people of Maldives will welcome the Indian intervention. As the people of Maldives look up to India as the saviour. Even before, in 1988 Indian military intervention had saved Maldives. The Indian army returned and did not wait in Maldives after resolving the crisis’, reminded Nasheed.

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