‘India should learn from China’, advices China’s national daily.

Beijing : ‘India’s high ambition and its actual competence are far apart. Even a nation as powerful as the United States rethinks, many a times, before challenging China’s sovereignty. Hence India’s attempt of challenging China by using Mongolia and the Dalai Lama is foolishness. India should take lessons from China’s handling of relations with Donald Trump, remarked China’s national daily,The Global Times. 

Lately, through Global Times, China has been repeatedly sending warnings and threats to India. Especially since India has shown willingness to extend Mongolia a line of credit of about$1 billion, Global Times has sharpened its criticism. In addition, a few days back Indian President had met the Dalai Lama at a function and had an informal discussion with him. China gave a hostile rebuke to it. With this background, Global Times published a vitriolic article criticizing India. 

Global-TimesIndia has always used Dalai Lama to its advantage against China and President of India’s recent meet with the Dalai Lama is part of it, the article further stated. It also drew attention to Mongolia’s failed commitment of ‘not inviting the Dalai Lama again in future’, given prior to India’s offered assistance. China had begun with trade blockade of Mongolia after it had invited the Dalai Lama. As a result, India had started working towards providing Mongolia financial assistance of$1 billion but Global Times claims this to have turned into an unsuccessful attempt. 

Where a powerful country like the United States also thinks twice before disputing China’s dominion, its sheer stupidity on India’s part to challenge China.There is a huge gap in India’s capacities and ambitions. Pressurizing China is beyond India’s capacities and so India must stop striving for it, adviced Global Times. It further mocked at India by citing that sometimes India’s behavior is like that of a wasteful child. India proudly parades worldwide claiming to be the biggest democracy. Even though India does have potential to be the world leader, it lacks far-sightedness, taunted Global Times. 

Through China’s national media, such news articles opposing India are published very frequently. China has not taken any official stand against India but has been instead using its national news media to threaten as well as warn India. This exposes China’s true intent concerning India. Since past few weeks these articles have drastically increased in number and in intensity of charges. India’s relations with the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian nations are seemingly causing China distress and hence all these nations too along with India, keep getting repeated intimidations from China. Many a times these articles question even India’s ability and show how China is more competent of the two.The current article too clearly conveys nothing different. 

Meanwhile China has also maintained its disagreement regarding India’s entry in ‘NSG’ and ‘Masood Azhar issue. India has brought to China’s notice that this is against it, and that China should consider India’s interests. Moreover, India as also pointed out to ‘Jaish-e-Mohammad’,founded by Masood Azhar been declared a designated terrorist organization by the United Nations. Despite of this China’s disapproval for UN-Security Council’s ban on Azhar is incomprehensible. 

Azhar’s ‘Jaish-e-Mohammad’ had attacked Pathankot Air Base in Indiafor which India’s ‘NIA’ has charge-sheeted them. Yet by holding on to its position on Azhar’s ban China has been instigating India. Furthermore China has demanded for the chargesheet to be abiding with the rules of the UN. 

China is strongly protesting India’s entry in the elite ‘Nuclear Supplier’s Group’. This has caused furor against China in India, to which China throughout has shown disregard.

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