Huge success for Indian security forces, 13 terrorists killed in Jammu-Kashmir

Srinagar: The anti-terrorism operation of the security forces in Jammu-Kashmir has met with a major success as 13 terrorists were killed in a single day. Three soldiers were martyred in the encounter. Two people trying to obstruct the anti-terrorist action were killed and 50 others were injured. The terrorists killed today include two terrorists involved in the cowardly attack which killed Lieutenant Umar Fayyaz of the Indian army.

Based on the information received from the intelligence agencies three major encounters were undertaken on the same day in Jammu-Kashmir. This was a joint ‘operation’ carried out by the Indian Army, CRPF and the Jammu-Kashmir Police. Draggad and Kachdor in Shopian district and Dialgam in Anantnag districts were the sites for the encounters. The Draggad encounter has proved to be one of the biggest in Jammu-Kashmir till date.

india, indian army, CRPF, terrorist, jammu kashmirLieutenant General A.K. Bhat of the 15 army corps lead the operation in Draggad where seven terrorists were killed. These included two terrorists who were responsible for the killing of Lieutenant Fayyaz. Ahmad Malik and Rayees Thakor are the names of the two terrorists.

Lieutenant Fayyaz was shot dead in the Harman part of Shopian, while he had come home on leave, in the month of May last year. The terrorists had very cruelly tortured him before killing him. The army had declared that these terrorists will not be spared at any cost. The information was received that the Lieutenant Umar’s killers were hiding in Draggad. Thereafter, this campaign was undertaken. All the terrorists killed were affiliated to Lashkar-e-Taiba. There was also a local commander amongst the terrorists killed.

The Jammu-Kashmir police informed that all the terrorists killed in Draggad were locals. Earlier, one terrorist was killed and one was captured in the Anantnag encounter. Both these terrorists were locals. Their relatives were called and efforts were made to appeal to the terrorists to surrender. But as per the Jammu-Kashmir police these efforts proved futile.

But the Kachdor encounter was a prolonged one. The terrorists had taken some hostages. The army officers informed that the safety of the hostages had to be considered during the encounter. Three army soldiers were martyred in this encounter. The operation ended at about 6.30 pm in the evening. As per the information revealed, five terrorists killed in the Kachdor operation were affiliated to the Hizbul Mujahideen.

These Sunday encounters seem to have shocked the terrorist organisations Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba. Meanwhile, the separatist protesters tried to create hurdles in both the Shopian encounters. The Separatists also pelted stones at the army. The security forces took a harsh action against the protestors.

Pellet guns were used in the operation. Two separatists were killed and more than 50 were injured in the army action. Jammu-Kashmir DGP S.P. Vaid has appealed ‘Killing of the youth in an encounter is unfortunate and said that youth should shun the path of violence.’ DGP Vaid has also warned everyone to keep away from the encounter sites.

The army has started a major campaign in Jammu-Kashmir with an objective to annihilate terrorism, since the last two years. More than 250 terrorists have been killed during this ‘Operation All Out’ undertaken by the army. Now, there are reports of ‘Operation All Out-2’ being undertaken by the army against terrorism. The terrorist organisations are feeling helpless and disappointed because of this campaign by the security forces. Also, their major networks have been busted. Therefore, the terrorist organisations are attempting to attack the security forces. But their plots are getting squandered.

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