Salahuddin shaken up with the Naikoo-killing

Islamabad: Hizbul Mujahidin chief, Sayyad Salahuddin has confessed that killing of Riyaz Naikoo has delivered a major jolt. While expressing grief regarding the killing of Riyaz Naikoo, in a condolence meeting he said ‘The odds are in favour of the enemy’, accepting that this has weakened the terrorist organisation. But he blamed the diffident Pakistani policies for the development.

Five Indian soldiers, including two senior officers, were martyred in an encounter with the terrorists in the Handwara region. Sayyad Salahuddin had accepted the responsibility of the incident. Sayyad Salahuddin, while addressing a meeting in Pakistan had said that this attack was carried out by Riyaz Naikoo. Salahuddin said in a wavering tone that Nikoo was killed in the subsequent action and this has delivered a major jolt to the organisation. Moreover, Salahuddin confessed that the Indian security forces have killed nearly 80 terrorists in Kashmir, since January.

Salahuddin also claimed that all these terrorists were highly educated. The Hizbul chief accepted that therefore, the organisation has been weakened. Salahuddin expressed regret that the terrorist activities in Kashmir are being hampered because of the diffident policies of the Pakistan government and the fears of international pressures. In other words, Salahuddin is demanding additional help from Pakistan for terrorist activities. In 2016, after the Indian security forces eliminated Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani, this very Salahuddin was threatening India with a war. Salahuddin had bragged at that time, that soon the Line of Control will be wiped out and the entire Kashmir will come under Pakistani control. But since the last few years, the Indian military, the security forces, along with the Jammu-Kashmir police, through coordinated action, have eliminated hundreds of terrorists, breaking the backs of the terrorist organisations.

The Indian security forces had started a spate of eliminating terrorists and their commanders. Therefore, the news of the elimination of a terrorist would arrive, soon after he is appointed the commander. This reduced the recruitments in terrorist organisations. Now that the high-level commanders like Naikoo being killed will lead to digging out the roots of these terrorist organisations from Jammu-Kashmir. The Kashmiri people who would not assist the security forces, fearing a backlash from the terrorists, have gained in confidence and have started helping the security forces. This has further strengthened the counter-terrorism campaign.

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