Pakistan has made terrorism against India a ‘state policy’: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Dehradun: The Indian Defence Minister made some crushing criticism. ‘Al Qaeda Chief, the perpetrator of 9/11 attacks, was found in Pakistan. The mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attacks is moving freely in Pakistan, and the world is fully aware of it. And yet, India needs to be cautious regarding Pakistan-sponsored terrorism because the country has made terrorism its national policy.’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was present for the 142nd Passing Out Parade of the Indian Military Academy. Speaking on occasion, the Defence Minister clarified that the Pakistani threat of terrorism was still looming large. The Defence Minister showered criticism saying that ‘Pakistan has tried fighting four wars against India, but each time, it was badly defeated. The bizarre country is still not willing to give up its path. This country has made terrorism, its national policy.’

Pakistan has made terrorism against India a ‘state policy’: Defence Minister Rajnath SinghIn the last few days, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has repeatedly reminded of the continued Pakistani terrorist activities. If Pakistan tries to carry out any saboteur activities in India, it will have to pay a dear price, the Defence Minister warned. The intelligence agencies had reported that the Pakistani terrorist organisations became active for carrying out saboteur activities in India after the Indian government withdrew the special status awarded to Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, the report noted that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was providing complete support to the terrorist organisations for the purpose.

At the same time, Pakistani activities along the LoC have significantly grown although India has taken cognisance of the matter. The Pakistani military had plotted to infiltrate the terrorists in India through the LoC to spark violence in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the attempts are being foiled due to the alertness of the Indian military. Given the situation, reports are being received of Pakistan intensifying the efforts with repeated attacks on the Indian military posts with firing and mortar shelling.

On the sidelines of the development, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s criticism of Pakistan’s ‘National Terrorist Policy’, becomes much significant. The Defence Minister is thus sending out a message that if any saboteur activities occur in India, Pakistan would be held responsible. Moreover, the Defence Minister has delivered a clear message to Pakistan, along with the international community, that India would not tolerate any further terror attacks and Pakistan would have to face dire consequences if a terror attack was launched.

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