Pakistan using terrorism to mask failure in controlling Coronavirus, accuses former Indian Military official

Islamabad: While the entire world is suffering from the Coronavirus rampage, Pakistan is busy firing at the Line of Control in Kashmir. In the last two days, the Indian military has killed five terrorists trying to infiltrate across the Line of Control in Kashmir. Whereas, five Indian soldiers were martyred in the encounters. A former Indian military official accused that Pakistan is resorting to these terrorist activities to mask its failure in countering the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.


Leading countries around the world have imposed a lockdown in the country. But the Pakistan Prime Minister has still not declared a lockdown in the country. Moreover, Pakistan is facing an acute shortage of testing facilities. The country does not have the necessary capabilities to make the masks for the people and protective kits for the attending doctors and medical staff. Therefore, the Pakistani media and analysts are expressing fears that Coronavirus will attain dangerous proportions very soon. The media and people of Pakistan have started mocking Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is telling the people of Pakistan not to worry and panic. Lieutenant General B.S. Jaiswal, a retired official in the Indian military, accused that this is the reason that Pakistan is resorting to terrorism, to divert the attention of the Pakistani people from the miserable failure of the Pakistan government, to control the Coronavirus pandemic. The activities of the Pakistan military on the Line of Control only confirm the accusations made by Lieutenant General B.S. Jaiswal.

Reports had been published that Pakistan was planning to use terrorists having Coronavirus infection as a weapon against India, by sending them into Kashmir. Lieutenant General B.S. Jaiswal has endorsed these reports.

The whole world is fighting the menace of Coronavirus pandemic and India is a major contributor to these efforts. Lieutenant General Jaiswal criticised that even in these circumstances, it is very unfortunate that India’s neighbour Pakistan, is still indulging into terrorist activities against India.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan military is planning to deploy number of personnel in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Pakistan is claiming that this deployment has the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. But, Abdul Ayub Mirza, a human rights activist in Pakistan, has accused that Pakistan government is planning to overthrow the government in the region and impose a military rule.

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