India overcame all the Coronavirus odds: PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exuded confidence while addressing the World Economic Forum’s meeting ‘Some people had warned that India would be the worst-hit by Coronavirus pandemic. There will be more than 700 to 800 million cases in India; the number of deaths in India will be more than 2 million. These concerns were justified regarding India, in view of the huge population, after the developed countries’ health systems collapsed. But India proved these predictions wrong. India is among the countries with the lowest number of Coronavirus cases. Moreover, more vaccines are being developed in India and they will also be supplied to the world.’ The Prime Minister participated virtually in the meeting.   


india-corona-pm-modiWhile people were issuing frightening warnings, India refused to get disheartened and stressed on active public participation, Corona-centric health services and proper utilisation of the available manpower. India also used the technology appropriately to keep the pandemic under check. Prime Minister Modi said that every citizen of India faced the Coronavirus courageously and converted the fight against Coronavirus into a mass movement. Now the vaccination drive has been started in India and in the first phase, 30 million healthcare professionals will be administered the vaccine. 300 million senior citizens and patients will be administered the vaccine over the next few months. The Prime Minister said that the Indian vaccination drive speed could be judged from the fact that India vaccinated 2.3 million people in just 12 days.   

The Prime Minister pointed out that India activated infrastructure projects worth trillions of rupees during the Coronavirus pandemic to provide an impetus to the financial activities. The Indian economy will gain momentum in the times to come. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign will strengthen globalisation and the speed of Industrialisation will increase. Simultaneously, when many countries are wondering about the ways and means to reach the aid to its citizens, Indian digital economy is marching ahead. Transactions worth more than ₹4 trillion, were carried out through the UPI mode, only in December. The Prime Minister also reminded that India reached aid amounting to ₹1.8 trillion in the bank accounts of 7.6 million beneficiaries, through digital transaction modes.   

Meanwhile, The Prime Minister delivered a message ‘Everyone should understand the importance of human values from the Coronavirus pandemic’s lesson. Technology is for making human life better, it should not become a trap.’  

India gifted 5.5 million vaccine doses to the world, announces foreign ministry  

India has gifted nearly 5.5 million doses of Coronavirus vaccine to its neighbouring countries and beyond. Foreign ministry spokesman, Anurag Srivastava, said that these include Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Seychelles, Myanmar, Bhutan, Maldives and Bahrain.   

Srivastava said that India has supplied vaccines to Brazil and Morocco. Srivastava informed that Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Oman, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Canada and the Caribbean countries also would be supplied the vaccine in the coming time. India will be supplying vaccines for 1 million health workers of the World Health Organisation. The foreign ministry spokesman informed that African countries would be supplied 10 million vaccines.   

Meanwhile, it is reported that Prime Minister Modi held talks with Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Bin Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates. It is said that the two leaders discussed cooperation against the Coronavirus pandemic and possible investments, in India, by the United Arab Emirates.   

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