Must protect the world from AI weaponisation, warns PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a world benefactor. This technology can create wonders for humans and so, the world. However, the non-state actors, who do not follow the national border rules will also use it. Thus, the world must be protected from it, warned PM Narendra Modi. PM Modi inaugurated RAISE 2020, the five-day global virtual summit on Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, he emphasised that the aim is to make India a global hub for Artificial Intelligence.   

AI-weapon-IndiaAI technology can play a significant role in strengthening society. Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in nourishing sectors such as agriculture, creating next-generation urban infrastructure and making disaster management systems stronger. For the first time this year, in April, India launched Artificial Intelligence for the youth program. More than 11,000 students have completed their course and started developing projects based on AI technology. Moreover, PM Modi drew attention to the fact that India’s new education policy will focus on AI-based education.   

The purpose that AI is utilised for is essential. Moreover, our responsibility is to ensure that this technology will not be misused and cause destruction. It is necessary to be careful not to let non-state actors, who are the ones who are not allied to a specific state or nation. At the time, PM Modi appealed that this AI technology must be utilised to safeguard the world and not misuse it.    

Furthermore, the Prime Minister drew attention to the fact that in June, India joined the league of global partnership among United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and several others on the front of artificial intelligence to develop and use the AI technology responsibly.     

Meanwhile, more than 60,000 industrial representatives from 139 nations will be participating in this summit. However, none of the Chinese experts or industrialist has been invited to this summit. Moreover, it is claimed that India will give a befitting response to China in the AI sector via this summit. Already, India has banned more than 200 Chinese apps in India. This ban was implemented alleging data theft and the threat to national security. Against this background, China, the leading nation in the AI sector, not being invited to this Global Virtual Summit, draws attention. 

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