Indian PM warns China

New Delhi: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to the 20 soldiers including Colonel Suresh Babu, who were martyred saying ‘The country will never forget the brave sons, who were martyred in the Galwan Valley while defending mother India. Their sacrifice will not go in vain.’ As per analysts this condolence message by the Prime Minister is nothing but a stern warning for China.

Indian PM, China

India is culturally a peace-loving country. But if anyone plays mischief, India will not stop short of strong retaliation. Prime Minister said that it has been proved time and again that Indians are willing for the ultimate sacrifice if there is a threat to the sovereignty of the motherland. This strongly worded warning, issued by the Indian political leadership to china is the indication of the aggressive changes in the Indian stance. Henceforth, the Indian military will not adopt a tolerant stand against the Chinese intrusion, as the Indian government has given complete authority to the Indian Army, to retaliate in any way, deemed fit. The military analysts said that the Chinese soldiers would face complete wrath of the Indian Army, citing the complete freedom awarded to the Indian army.

The attack by the Chinese soldiers, on the Indian soldiers, in the Galwan valley, was a part of a preconceived plot. It is becoming clear that the reins of the act were in the hands of the senior Chinese political leadership. The Indian military analysts are pointing out that only a few days ago, a Military official considered to be a close confidant of the Chinese President, was posted on this border. Therefore, the claims that the attack was perpetrated under instructions from the Chinese President is gathering support.

President Xi Jinping’s seat had become shaky due to the challenges posed in front of China, on the national as well as the international level. Therefore, President Jinping is trying to stabilise his seat by creating tension on the Indian border. The Indian analysts have warned that the plot can backfire on the Chinese President. The Indian Army and Airforce have given indications of elaborate preparations all along the Indo-Chinese border, from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, to teach China a lesson. It has also been reported that the Indian government has ordered all the three defence forces to be prepared for any eventuality.

It is significant to note that not only the Indian Army and the Airforce but the Indian Navy also has made preparations to retaliate against China. China is being given to understand that it cannot take Indian tolerance for granted in the future. Most of the world countries are supporting India and the international media are accusing China of trying to intimidate all its neighbouring countries, based on its military might. A Taiwanese newspaper has warned that India is the only country that will stand up to China and the Chinese bullying will not work with India. This is receiving tremendous support on social media. In this scenario, the strongly worded warning issued by the Indian Prime Minister to China has drawn the attention of the entire world.

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