PM reviews preparations in view of the increasing spread of Coronavirus  

New Delhi/Mumbai: – In the last 24 hours, Coronavirus claimed 386 lives and there was an addition of a whopping 11,458 new cases, in the country. As per the information submitted by the states, there was an addition of 10,000 new cases by Saturday night. This takes the total number of Coronavirus cases to over 317,000. Since the last week, there is a consistent addition of more than 10,000 cases daily and Prime Minister Narendra Modi convened a High-level meeting in this respect. The Prime Minister reviewed the preparations made by the health department during the meeting. Orders have also been issued to prepare an emergency plan, in collaboration with the states. Prime Minister will be personally talking to the state Chief Ministers.  


spread of Coronavirus, PM

The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly in the country. Maharashtra has been consistently reporting more than 3,000 cases for the last three days. The health department announced that the number of Coronavirus deaths in the state has reached 3,830 and the total number of cases has reached 104,568. On Saturday, Coronavirus claimed 112 lives and there was an addition of 3,427 new cases, in Maharashtra. Mumbai, alone, reported 1,380 new cases in 24 hours. Mumbai also reported 69 deaths taking the total death count, in the city, to 2,113.  

Delhi reported more than 2,000 cases, taking the total number to over 38,000. The number of Coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu has crossed 42,000 and 1,989 new cases were reported, from the state, on Saturday. Other states also are reporting an increase in Coronavirus cases. Friday was the first time that Uttar Pradesh reported more than 500 new cases. Ladakh reported 104 cases and there was an addition of 50 new cases in Sikkim. Ladakh and Sikkim had been declared to be Coronavirus free. But new cases started emerging from the end of May. Concerns have increased as 104 new cases have been reported from Ladakh. Gujarat reported 517 new Coronavirus cases, whereas Karnataka and Kerala reported 308 and 85 new cases, respectively. 

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