Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya inaugurated in New Delhi; Aims at protecting India & destroying its enemies by worshipping Goddess Baglamukhi

New Delhi: ‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’ to appeal to Goddess Baglamukhi for the protection of the nation and annihilation of its enemies has been inaugurated in the capital city, Delhi. The Mahayagya was initiated at five o’clock in the morning on Sunday with the Rudrabhishek while the main rituals started at eight o’clock. The organisers had informed that water, soil and ghee had been brought from every nook and corner of the country for the Mahayagya.

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This ‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’ that started on the 18th of March to appeal to Goddess Baglamukhi, will continue for seven days i.e. till the 25th of March. 108 Yadnya Kundas have been prepared for this Mahayagya. Twenty two and a half (22.5) million sacred mantras will be chanted at this Mahayagya. The organiser and Parliamentarian, Maheish Girri made an offering after the pooja to start the Mahayagya. An aarti for Mother India will be organised every evening till the Mahayadnya continues. Thousands have participated from around the country in this Mahayagya and there was a huge crowd of devotees on its first day as well.

A ‘Jal Mitti Rath Yatra’ was organised in the last month that started from the India Gate in New Delhi. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Rath Yatra. While speaking on the occasion, the Home Minister had explained the concept behind the Mahayagya. He had said, ‘The objective behind performing the Mahayagya was to encourage the flow of positive energies across the country and to make India strong, prosperous and self-reliant’.

The organisers had informed that President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Modi and other respectable guests were to attend the ‘Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya’ which began on Sunday.

Annihilating enemies and bad energies is considered to be the prime objective of Goddess Baglamukhi. Mother Baglamukhi protects the virtuous and destroys the dissolute immoral ones. Thus, in order to demolish the nation’s enemies, an appeal will be made to Mother Baglamukhi, considered as the eight Mahavidya from the ten Mahavidyas that exist.

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