India pledges $15 million to back GAVI

New Delhi- India has pledged $15 million for Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI), who provides vaccinations on various diseases to the underprivileged across the globe. On Thursday, the British PM Boris Johnson hosted a Virtual Global Vaccine Summit, which was attended by politicians from more than 50 countries, leaders and representatives of several global organisations. At the time, Indian PM Narendra Modi declared this aid.    


Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc across the globe, and everyone is making extensive and continuous efforts to control it. Several countries are conducting research and development to create a vaccine for this virus. Hence, this Virtual Global Vaccine Summit was also organised. Moreover, British PM Boris Johnson has appealed to the nations to raise funds to ensure the protection of the world from this Coronavirus pandemic.   

Furthermore, Indian PM Narendra Modi said that currently, India is standing with the world in solidarity. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) is our learning. Hence, India has made efforts to live as per this principle. Moreover, he also mentioned that India has supplied medicines to 120 nations across the globe. He also added that the world has come to realise the significance of global co-operation parameters due to this pandemic.   

At the time, PM Modi declared a financial aid of $15 million to GAVI. Furthermore, not only did India mention the significance of making available the medicines and vaccines at the least cost but has also proven its capability by providing them. PM Modi also said that India is set to co-operate and produce the vaccines at the least cost.    

Also, the world must trust India on this ambitious programme to create a vaccine against this global pandemic. At the time, PM Modi also claimed that 60% of the children across the world are given vaccines that are made in India. 

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