India and Ghana sign three important pacts

Accra, New Delhi, June 14th  (News Agency) – On Monday 13th June, while President Pranab Mukherjee was on visit to Ghana, India and Ghana entered into three important pacts. President Mukherjee then left for  the Ivory Coast following which he was to visit Namibia. It is believed that the visit to these three African countries will widen considerable, the scope of India’s bilateral co-operation with each of them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too will is reported to be visiting Ghana very soon.


President Mukherjee -India and Ghana sign three important pactsOn Sunday, after his arrival in Ghana, President Mukherjee had bilateral talks with the President of Ghana, John Mahama, after which the two countries entered into three important agreements. The agreements will help to expand the scope of India’s co-operation with this African nation. saying so, Expressing satisfaction over the agreements, President Mukherjee affirmed that Ghana was an old friend of India. A decision on strengthening the security and co-operation to counter terrorism was taken at that time. Co-operation with Ghana to counter terrorism proves important as this West African country suffers a threat from terrorist outfits like the ISIS and the Boko Haram.  President Mukherjee reportedly even discussed the possibility of a loan assistance of $40 million  to Ghana.

The bilateral ties between India and Ghana date back to old times India, Ghana’s biggest foreign investor imports gold from it on a large scale and  exports medicines, agricultural tools, electronic gadgets, cement and plastic to it. Currently, India has invested in more than 700 projects in Ghana which are predominantly related to the fields of agriculture, medicines and production. The trade between the two countries has doubled over the past three years reaching about $3 billion.. India has been making efforts to  strengthen further,  the bilateral partnership between the two countries. In the course of discussions, both countries agreed to work towards a bilateral trade target of $5 billion to be achieved by the year 2020.             


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