Another ‘Kasab’ of Pakistan testifies

New Delhi : In the Naugam region of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Army held a terrorist during an encounter, to add yetanother live evidence of Pakistan’s ‘proxy war’ with India. The terrorist has testified, during the NIA investigation, his name as “Saifulla” alias Bahadur Ali and to be a resident of Lahore and also to have been trained by Lashkar-e-Taiba for terrorist activities in Muzaffarabad region of PoK.


Another Pakistani ‘Kasab’ held; testifies to be trained for terrorist and infiltration in J&K

Indian Army carried out an operation in the Naugam region killing 4 terrorists and held one terrorist alive in the encounter. The terrorist who was caught, was airlifted to NIA, New Delhi for investigation. The terrorist has testified his name as “Saifulla” alias Bahadur Ali, age to be 22 years and residence to be in Jia Bagga village in Raiwind district of Lahore, Pakistan.

The captive terrorist has admitted to have been brought in Muzaffarabad region of PoK along with two other young men to be trained in ‘cheli bandi’ area by Lashkar-e-Taiba for terrorism for a month, with an objective to wage war against India.

Bahadur Ali, the held terrorist, testified to have infiltrated in Jammu and Kashmir along with two other terrorists named ‘Saad’ and ‘Dardabhai’ to create a base in Kashmir to plan and execute terrorist strikes.

However, NIA officials have confirmed to have known much more information which cannot be fully revealed due to security reasons. With the arrest of Bahadur Ali, India has acquired crucial evidence of another ‘Kasab’ which India will use and hold Pakistan responsible and answerable.

The recently held terrorist, Bahadur Ali is the fifth Pakistani terrorist to have been caught alive by India. Minister of Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, has refused to elaborately discuss on details of Bahadur Ali, however has credited a huge success to the Armed Forces to have caught the terrorist alive.

A terrorist held in India is a matter of great concern for Pakistan. The agencies in Pakistan have restricted broadcasting of news in the area surrounding to village Jia Bagga of Bahadur Ali. Pakistani agencies are scrambling to make every effort to avoid any relatives of Bahadur Ali to identify Bahadur Ali as a Pakistani citizen in any of the media channel.

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