Israel President’s India visit

New Delhi : The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin said that ‘terrorism is terrorism, you can’t differentiate one act of terrorism from another. Every country has the right to retaliate against it’. The President of Israel is on a visit to India and Rivlin has expressed faith that this visit would further strengthen the ties between the two nations.


Israel President's India visit

The bilateral relations between India & Israel are getting more comprehensive and the defence related partnerships between both the nations are developing. Israel is also fast establishing its place as the country that supplies arms and defence equipment to the Indian security forces. Even so, India is having a tough time trying to develop its relations with Israel without hurting the Gulf and Arab nations who have a vendetta against Israel. However, prior to his India visit, President Rivlin claimed that there was nothing to hide about the relationship that Israel fosters with India.

Rivlin is the first Israel President to visit India in the last 20 years. Against the backdrop of this visit, Rivlin welcomed the aggressive stance taken by India against terrorism. Rivlin has indirectly criticised Pakistan’s policy of differentiating between terrorists as ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ by saying that ‘Terrorism is terrorism. You just cannot differentiate between terrorists’. Rivlin also said that Israel is proud of its friendly relationship with India. Rivlin will be meeting India’s President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on this India visit.

Rivlin will also be reviewing the progress of the joint projects currently active between India & Israel during his visit. Israeli president will be coming to Mumbai and will also be visiting the Chabad House, the memorial and the main target of the 26/11 attacks.

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