Kashmir is no longer an issue between India & Pakistan – PMO Minister Jitendra Singh

jitendra-singhNew Delhi / Islamabad – Pakistan is going to observe ‘Black Day’ over the so called persecution by the Indian Security forces at Jammu Kashmir on 19th July instead of 20th July. The Pakistani Government has not disclosed the reasons behind postponing the ‘Black Day’. While Pakistan is struggling to represent the Kashmir Issue on an international level, India’s Union Minister Jitendra Singh declared that the Kashmir issue no longer exists between India and Pakistan. Discussions with Pakistan can only be done regarding obtaining back the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), concluded Jitendra Singh.


Violent incidents are still seen in Jammu and Kashmir and a death of one individual  is reported in that. The number of people who got killed has gone upto 39 and 3140 are injured in the violence erupted after Burhan Wani got killed by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. It is said that 1500 jawans were a part of it. Meanwhile, in a shootout between the army and the terrorists in the Jammu Kashmir’s border areas resulted in the killing of 3 terrorists. The army officials informed about this shootout that happened in the Poonch region. By taking advantage of the tense situation in Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan is plotting a political campaign and is trying its level best to put up the Kashmir issue on an international level.

Before this, Pakistan had declared 19th July as a black day in Kashmir as a sign of protest against India’s so-called torture. This decision was taken in the Pakistan’s Cabinet meeting held under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. But, Pakistan has postponed this date by one day and has declared that 20th July would be considered as the black day. Likewise, it is also believed that Pakistan has decided to organise a special session of the Parliament regarding the Kashmir issue. While Pakistan is executing these plans, the PMO Office State Minister, Jitendra Singh has stated that the Kashmir issue no longer exists between India and Pakistan. In 1994, the Indian parliament had unanimously passed the resolution that Kashmir is an inseparable part of India.  So, the only question that remains for India to answer is about regaining the territories that are currently under the Pakistani governance. Jitendra Singh has made it clear that this matter can be discussed with Pakistan.

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