India launches ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ in South Sudan

New Delhi : The Indian Government has launched ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ for the evacuation of more than 600 Indians stranded in the flaring civil war in South Sudan. On Thursday morning, two aircrafts of the air force left for South Sudan for the ‘airlift’ of Indians. The Minister of State for External Affairs, V. K. Singh, who is leading the operation has arrived in Sudan along with a rescue team.


‘Indians in South Sudan, move out from here. We are sending two aircrafts for you. If the situation in Sudan worsens more, then we won’t be able to help you’, Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister alerted all the Indians in South Sudan through a message via social media.

VK Singh -Operation SankatmochanIndia time and again is appealing to Indians in South Sudan to move out as soon as possible, to which 300 Indians have registered themselves in Indian embassy for returning to India in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. It is reported that the situation is deteriorating by the day. In this situation, ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ is meant for those Indians who are ready to return to India from the capital Juba.

Early morning on Thursday, V. K. Singh, the Minister of State for External Affairs, announced launching of ‘Operation Sankat Mochan’ on Twitter. He also informed that the aircrafts of the Air-force took off in the direction of South Sudan.

On Wednesday itself the Indians who registered themselves in Juba were informed of the ‘airlift’. A message was sent to be ready carrying very less belongings and with the necessary documents. The Minister of State for External Affairs further added that ladies and children will be given preference.

There are 600 Indians in all in South Sudan, of which 450 Indians live in the capital Juba and around 150 live in the nearby areas of the city. Four days ago itself, the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj declared that India is observing the situation in South Sudan and will help the Indians who wish to return. Swaraj also added that reports of situation having improved were received. But as the situation deteriorated more in the last two days, the External Affairs Minister Swaraj, appealed to Indians to make quick decisions.

Meanwhile, last year too, the Indian Air force and the Naval force had carried out a similar rescue operation of evacuating 4000 Indians stranded in the war prone Yemen. Earlier, thousand of Indians from Ukraine and Iraq were ‘airlifted’ in a similar manner.

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