India–Israel to work towards alliance in Agriculture sector

New Delhi : India and Israel have decided to develop their defense, trade & finance sectors. With this understanding, both the countries will put in efforts to improve co-operation in varied sectors. Hence India and Israel are now taking steps towards strengthening their alliance in the agriculture sector.


India and Israel have declared their commitment regarding the collaboration on the agriculture front. This has been conveyed by India and Israel via a confederate journalist.

India – Israel to work towards Alliance in Agriculture sector

Under the administration of Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural development Uri Ariel, a team of delegates have visited India. During this visit the Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and rural development Uri Ariel and India’s Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan successfully held a discussion on the bilateral contract for Agriculture.

Lately both the countries are having continuous talks about the expanding collaborations in the field of Agriculture. In order to establish a bilateral contract, a work program of the third stage between 2015 – 18 has been confirmed by India and Israel.

Under this scheme 27 ‘Centers of Excellency’ will be installed in 21 states of the country. Through this association the said centers are being built to serve as a medium for planting a variety of fruits and vegetables. In the meanwhile they affirmed, that the co-operation in the political and trade sectors between the two nations may also improve.

The two countries are reportedly putting in earnest efforts to improve their alliance in the Agriculture sector. Which includes developing a variety of plants, increasing production capacity, and making optimum utilization of the land, water and fodder resources along with other means. India and Israel are said to jointly build Agriculture quality centers at 30 locations in 10 states of India. These centers will work towards enhancing crops of mango, orange, pomegranate, dates, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin and chilly, along with flowers and honey beekeeping as well as Dairy farming.

Formerly in the year 2006 also India and Israel had signed an agreement concerning Agricultural affiliations. Further to which, considering India’s climatic condition and nature of land, Israel had showed willingness in supporting India with its technology.

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