Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government in trouble over the entry of an Israeli aircraft into Pakistan

Third World WarIslamabad: An Israeli newspaper had claimed that an Israeli aircraft that took off from Tel Aviv landed at the Noor Khan airbase in Pakistan. The extremists from this country claim Israel to be as big an adversary as India and the United States. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the father of Pakistan, had declared that Pakistan would never accept the existence of Israel. Therefore, there was a stir created in Pakistan over this news of an Israeli aircraft entering into Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government saved its face claiming the story to be fake. But this backfired on the Pakistan government as the staffers at the Noor Khan airbase acknowledged the landing of the Israeli aircraft.

This incident of the concerned Israeli aircraft landing in Pakistan occurred, while the Israeli Prime Minister was on his Oman visit. Therefore, the Israeli newspapers are indicating that the Israeli Prime Minister paid a secret visit to Pakistan. There were widespread discussions over this incident in Pakistan. The Pakistan Supreme Court acquitted Aasia Bibi, a Christian lady, from the accusations of religious blasphemy. The Supreme Court along with the Pakistan government is on target for the extremists ever since. Criticising that this government is anti-Islam, the extremists are making vitriolic announcements of revolt against the Pakistan government and the military. The news of an Israeli aircraft landing in Pakistan is intensifying the anger the extremists.

Imran Khan, pakistan, israelThe detractors of Prime Minister Imran Khan are criticising that he is a Jewish agent. The extremists have alleged that this is the reason for the Israeli aircraft entering into Pakistan. The media too had asked for an explanation to the Pakistan government, regarding the incident. In reply, Prime Minister Imran Khan had made an announcement clarifying that no Israeli aircraft had landed in Pakistan. The Pakistan government also claimed the news and information published about the matter were a part of mischief. But within a few days the staffers at the Noor Khan airbase near Rawalpindi busted the claim of the Pakistan government. The staffers at the airbase informed that an Israeli aircraft coming from Tel Aviv had indeed landed at the airbase.

There is a possibility of a flare-up in Pakistan following a foreign news agency getting its hands on to this information. Pakistan since its inception has always taken a stand against Israel and has denied accepting the existence of Israel. Even today, the Pakistani passport states ‘Valid for travel to any country other than Israel’. Therefore, the idea of an Israeli aircraft landing in Pakistan, a country that hates Israel to the core, and a possibility of its head of state visiting Pakistan is unbearable for the extremists. There is a possibility of the extremists opening a new front against the Imran Khan government after the information about the incident is revealed.

The allegation of the extremists that Imran Khan has Jewish support and he has come to power with their support, is going to get sharper now. Former Dictator of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf had proposed accepting the existence of Israel and developing political relations with it. Musharraf was of the opinion that India is taking advantage of the distancing of Pakistan from Israel. But there was a furore created in Pakistan over this proposal. Although Prime Minister Imran Khan has not taken an anti-Israel position, the accusations of secret talks with Israel will strengthen the hands of his detractors. Therefore, the protests in Pakistan which had almost died out are expected to restart with fresh energy, and it is bound to be difficult for the Pakistan government to contain them.

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