Pakistan on ‘High Alert’ fearing attack

Third World WarNew Delhi/Islamabad: Pakistan grappled with the fear of an Indian attack has deployed its advanced F-16 fighter jets, in the areas near the India border. Along with this, a fleet of Pakistani navy with submarines, destroyers and patrol ships also has been deployed to protect the shoreline. The Pakistani air force has been placed on high alert, and the senior Pakistani defence officials have warned that the situation is likely to fester. The country’s economists have expressed regret that India is making Pakistan squander millions of Rupees in defence preparations, keeping the pressure of the threat of an attack on Pakistan, instead of directly attacking Pakistan.


pakistan, high alert, india, defenceA senior official from the Pakistani defence department has predicted a strong possibility of an Indian attack while talking to a daily. The concerned official said that this was the reason for Pakistan to make all these defence preparations. Reports confirming this are being received from Pakistan. Pakistan has deployed its advanced F-16s in the Indian border region. Pakistan had assured the United States that the F-16s would not be used against India. But it is clear from the deployment, that currently, Pakistan does not seem to be in a position to think about that.The Pakistan air force has been placed on high alert, and the Pakistani air force chief claimed that the Pakistani air force is prepared to counter any Indian attack.

F-16s have been deployed from Hyderabad in the Sindh province to Skardu in the Punjab province, and the Pakistan military has activated its radar and air defence systems. At the same time, reports have been received that Pakistan has tested a smart missile from the JF-17 jet.The fleet of Pakistan navy comprising of submarines, destroyers and patrol vessels has also been deployed near the ports of Karachi, Gwadar and Ormara. A few days ago, Pakistan had levelled serious allegations against India, claiming that an Indian submarine had entered into Pakistan waters. Targeting this submarine was very easy, but Pakistan exhibited restraint, claimed the Pakistan navy.

pakistan, high alert, india, defenceThe Indian navy dismissed the Pakistani claim, which is untrue and said that Pakistan is completely unaware of the whereabouts of Indian naval deployments. Before India carried out the Balakot attack, the Pakistani naval fleet was in the Karachi port. Following the attack, Pakistan is concerned about the safety of the other ports too.

Meanwhile, the analysts are claiming that the Pakistani defence movements, to counter an Indian attack, are proving to be very expensive and taking a major toll on the Pakistan government coffers. The Indian economy is multiple times of the Pakistani economy and India can absorb the strain of war expenses on the economic level. Therefore, the economists have advised that,as this not the situation with Pakistan,efforts should be made to ease the tension. At the same time, the official who expressed the strong possibility of an Indian attack to the daily, also said that Pakistan was talking to the major countries in the world, to prevent the situation from festering further. But the indications are that the Pakistani efforts are not being successful.

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