INS Arihant adds to Pakistan’s worries

New Delhi/Islamabad: The first deterrence patrol of India’s indigenous nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant, has sent shivers down Pakistan’s spine. Pakistan had said, ‘This development marks the first actual deployment of ready-to-fire nuclear warheads in South Asia which is a matter of concern not only for the Indian Ocean littoral states but also for the international community at large’. Nevertheless, the Indian Foreign Ministry retorted to the remark saying that an utterly irresponsible country like Pakistan, had voiced criticism against a responsible country like India.


The Indian Prime Minister had issued a measured warning to Pakistan in his speech at the function which celebrated the first deterrence patrol by the INS Arihant. The Prime Minister had said, ‘INS Arihant is the answer to those resorting to Nuclear Blackmail against India’. It had caused a commotion in the Pakistan media. The military analysts in Pakistan have pointed out to the government that now, India was in the league of the nations capable of launching nuclear attacks from air, land and sea.

It has made Pakistan more insecure, and the Pakistani threats of a nuclear attack will have no effect on India henceforth, say Pakistan’s military analysts. Given the developments, the Pakistan Defence Ministry Spokesman, Dr Mohammad Faisal had expressed concerns over the submarine. Faisal said that a submarine capable of launching a nuclear attack at any time is a matter of concern not only for the South Asian countries but also for the entire international community. Faisal even bragged that Pakistan would take necessary steps to counter the new threat.

Faisal warned that no one should have doubts about Pakistan’s capabilities. Pakistan is making a laughing stock of itself with contradictory claims, by expressing concerns about the growing Indian military might on the one hand and while bragging about the military capabilities of Pakistan on the other. This fact has been reaffirmed once again with the claims of the foreign ministry spokesman coming out to the fore. Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Raveesh Kumar clarified that India is a responsible country and its nuclear capabilities are meant only for defence and stability of the region. However, a completely irresponsible country like Pakistan was, criticising an accountable country like India, said Raveesh Kumar and put the finger on Pakistan’s Achilles heel.

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