Ghaznavi Force of Jaish preparing for another Pulwama

New Delhi: The terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed, which killed 40 Indian soldiers in a cowardly attack in Pulwama last year, are preparing for a new saboteur act. Jaish has created a group by the name of ‘Ghaznavi Force’ to carry out a major attack similar to Pulwama. The members of this terrorist group have been specially trained for saboteur activities, and the Pakistani ISI is assisting this group to the fullest. Indian intelligence agencies have submitted reports regarding this and have warned the security agencies to be alert.

Ghaznavi Force of Jaish preparing for another PulwamaChief of military staff General Naravane has recently informed that there are active terrorist training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Moreover, reports were being received that the Pakistan military has provided extra security cover to these bases. The security of the terrorist bases was beefed up because of the fear of an Indian attack. At the same time, reports had also surfaced that 27 terrorists were being imparted with specialised training at these bases. Thereafter, it has been revealed that Jaish has created the Ghaznavi Force.

Along with the members of Jaish, members of the other terrorist organisations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizbul Mujahidin and Al-Badr also are a part of the Ghaznavi Force. Objectives set for the Ghaznavi Force are targeting the Indian soldiers, destroying the Indian military posts and targeting the locations important from the security point of view. These terrorists may attempt suicide attacks using vehicles loaded with explosives. Media has carried information regarding this matter.

Pakistan has not been able to do anything after India withdrew the special status awarded to Jammu-Kashmir. Moreover, Pakistani extremists are expressing regret that the Pakistan military and ISI also have proved ineffective against India. The Hate-India groups are claiming that in this situation, it is necessary to rock India to boost the morale of the terrorist organisations and separatists in Jammu-Kashmir. Therefore, it is clear that this is the purpose for creating the Ghaznavi Force. It is also clear that the Hate-India groups have big expectations from Jaish, who carried out the cowardly Pulwama attack last year.

After the Pulwama attack, India and Pakistan were on the brink of war. India attacked Balakot and destroyed the Jaish base. The very next day, Pakistani fighter jets violated the Indian airspace and shot down an Indian fighter jet. In this encounter, Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet. The Indian military and the political leadership have repeatedly clarified that if there is one more terror attack on India, the retaliation will be on the Pakistani soil.

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