Strong evidence links Coronavirus to Wuhan laboratory: former US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo

Washington: – Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China. He said that the circumstantial evidence and the desperate Chinese efforts to hide all the information related to the Coronavirus pandemic only point out that the origin of the Coronavirus Pandemic is in the Wuhan laboratory in China. No evidence linking any other place to the origin of the pandemic have surfaced. He also pointed to the possibility of a biological war and issued a severe warning that there is a major perceived threat of bioweapons and bioterrorism.  


Chinese stand on the Coronavirus pandemic has always been suspicious from the onset of the pandemic. In 2019, China consistently hid the information related to Coronavirus to avoid being blamed for the pandemic. China also made some bogus claims that the virus originated from some other countries. The researchers speaking about the Coronavirus pandemic were silenced. Many journalists went missing.  

Against the background of these Chinese activities, the leading countries of the world like the United States and European countries accused that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China. Former US President Donald Trump had accused, last year, that the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory at Wuhan, in China. After that, many senior US leaders and officials and researchers pointed to the Wuhan Lab as the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. A researcher who could manage to escape from China announced the evidence to the world.   

A few days ago, the US Congressmen made an insistent demand that the United States investigate the accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic started from the laboratory at Wuhan, in China, and publish all the documents related to this. Against this background, the reiteration of the accusation by the former Secretary of State and former chief of the US intelligence agency CIA becomes significant. During an interview with the US news channel Fox News, Pompeo mentioned the laboratory in Wuhan and warned about biological war.   

Pompeo warned ‘The threat of a pandemic similar to Coronavirus being released from a laboratory in Wuhan or any other Chinese city has greatly increased. The Chinese government is involved in such activities. The threat of Bioweapons and bioterrorism originating from this region, could become a reality. Possibility of a Biological war also cannot be denied.’  

A few days ago, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro levelled a serious accusation that the Coronavirus pandemic is part of the Chinese biological war. After that, an Australian daily had created sensations around the world with a report that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had prepared an evil plan, in the year 2015, to use Coronavirus as a bioweapon in the third world war. 

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