Coronavirus was created in the Wuhan Laboratory, accuses Nobel Laureate

London/Washington: – Nobel laureate scientist, Luke Montagnier, inferred that the origin of the Coronavirus is very much from the laboratory in Wuhan. The research by this Nobel Prize winner has substantiated the accusation that Coronavirus is a biological weapon developed by China. President Trump, just two days ago, had warned that if it is proved that a Chinese conspiracy is behind the Coronavirus pandemic, the country will have to face dire consequences. This increases the significance of the inference drawn by Nobel Laureate Luke Montagnier.


US President Donald Trump is proclaiming that the creation of Coronavirus, which has claimed more than 175,000 lives around the world, was in the laboratory in Wuhan. The United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Taiwan had supported the accusations levelled by President Trump on China. Now Nobel Laureate Luke Montagnier also has clarified that the origin of the virus is from the laboratory in Wuhan. Luke Montagnier, while talking to a French news agency, said that China is conducting research on Coronavirus since the last 30 years and has quite a good grip on this research.

Mixed reactions are being received regarding the inference drawn by Montagnier. Along with the China-supporting medical officials, the World Health Organisation has once again come to China’s rescue. But this time, the Chinese actions against its citizens, in an effort to hide the Coronavirus details, are being exposed. Five Chinese citizens who tried to reveal the facts about the Coronavirus pandemic have been missing for the last three months. These include Dr Li Wenliang, Ren Zhiqiang, Chen Kiyoshi, Feng Lin and Li Jehua. China has said that Dr Li Wenliang died because of Coronavirus infection. Moreover, the British media reported that 5,000 Chinese citizens who posted information regarding Coronavirus in China had been detained by Chinese security agencies.

Peter Navarro, an assistant at the White House, has accused that with the help of its influence on the World Health Organisation, China hid the epidemic from the world for nearly six weeks. The outbreak in Wuhan could have been controlled in these six weeks. Navarro accused that more than five million Chinese citizens travelled to various countries in the world from Wuhan during this period. At the same time, riding on the pandemic, China is extracting benefits for its medical equipment businesses.

The anti-China sentiment is becoming stronger along with the increasing intensity of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the seriousness of accusations against China is also increasing. Along with the political leaders, even the researchers and scientists have started inferring that Coronavirus is human-made and it was created in the laboratory in Wuhan. It will be challenging for China to counter these accusations. Currently, China is making attempts to counter these allegations by defending that China has also been a victim of the pandemic. But the developed countries are not willing to accept Chinese claims.

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