Australian scientist on WHO team says deadly coronavirus originated in China

Beijing: A senior scientist from the World Health Organisation (WHO) team informed that the origin of Coronavirus is indeed in China and the animal market in Wuhan was responsible for its spread. The WHO team had been in China in the last month to inquire regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Australian scientist, Professor Dominic Dwyer, a member of the WHO team that visited China, informed that the origin and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic are indeed from China. Simultaneously, the team’s chief, Peter Embarek, claimed that the exact source could not be pinpointed during the joint press conference with Chinese officials.


Leading scientists, research institutes, research journals and think tanks have repeatedly clarified that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic was from China. But the ruling Chinese Communist government has consistently denied this truth. Over the last year, the Chinese agencies have made unrealistic claims that the Coronavirus pandemic originated from five different countries and sources. But no concrete proofs have been presented in support of the claims. Therefore, the visit of the WHO team to China was being considered necessary.

Coronavirus playing havoc around the globe originated from China, informs Australian scientist in the WHO teamFollowing the pandemic’s outbreak last year, leading countries of the world had demanded that a team be sent to China immediately to investigate. But China refused permission, claiming that the Coronavirus pandemic did not originate in China. The WHO had to concede to the rising international pressure to accept the proposal for conducting an inquiry. Time was wasted in deciding the extent and period of the investigation. Finally, when the WHO team landed in China, some members were sent back, and others were forcibly quarantined.

Against all this background, many watched as to where the WHO team will visit and what report it will present. Accusations are being made since the last two years that China has taken over the control of WHO, exerting economic and political pressure. The report published by the WHO on Tuesday once again endorses these accusations. During the joint press conference, the WHO team and Chinese officials addressed that there was no firm evidence to decide where Coronavirus came from and how the human spread started. The WHO team said that there are four different possibilities. The chief of the WHO team, Peter Embarek, said that WHO is dismissing the possibility that the Coronavirus spread from the laboratory in Wuhan. Professor Dominic Dwyer, a member of Embarek’s team, expressed surprise over the claim. At the same time, he clarified that the Coronavirus originated from China, and the spread started in Wuhan’s animal market.

Professor Dominic Dwyer said that the bat was a common link in the other epidemics linked with Coronavirus. Most probably, the origin of the new virus is also the same. He pointed out that it had been revealed the MERS and SARS viruses had spread from bats to humans. The Australian scientist claimed that the Coronavirus epidemic existed in China much before the information was released to the world. The statements of Professor Dominic Dwyer, a renowned Microbiologist and Infectious Disease Expert, attract attention.

John Nash, a leading British journalist in the medical sector, lashed out at the WHO team’s report. Nash retorted that the WHO, saying that Corona did not originate in Wuhan, is a co-conspirator in the chaos created by China. The British journalist also criticised that the possibilities blurted out by the WHO team is an old trick used by the dictators.

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