Coronavirus definitely originates from Chinese lab, reiterates US President Trump

Washington: – Reiterating his allegation that Coronavirus indeed originated from the Laboratory at Wuhan in China, US President Trump, castigated the World Health Organisation. Trump accused that this organisation is acting like a public relations (PR) agency for China. At the same time, the US President warned that a tax would be levied on China on the Coronavirus issue.   


The US President, once again, targeted China, during a press conference held at the White House. Saying ‘The United States is investigating the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whatever has happened is horrendous. We don’t know whether China made a mistake or the pandemic was triggered due to a mistake and they continued to make further mistakes. But someone may have perpetrated this with some ulterior motives.’ President Trump reiterated that China was responsible for the pandemic.  

While pinning the responsibility of the pandemic on China, President Trump also expressed doubts over certain decisions taken by the Chinese communist government, during that period. He pointed out after the onset of the epidemic, China stopped all the internal travel but continued with international travel. Trump claimed that if this was avoided, China could have contained the epidemic. At the same time, President Trump said that the United States will initiate a process for imposing a trade tax on China.  

Speaking at this time, President Trump delivered a telling blow to the World Health Organisation, by referring it as the Chinese PR Agency. President Trump has already threatened that if China was found guilty of spreading the Coronavirus, China will have to face dire consequences. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had accused that China had the information regarding the Coronavirus in December, itself. Still, China did not reveal it to the world and had warned that the United States will expose this Chinese lie in front of the world. The recent statement by President Trump only indicates that the intensity of the political war waged against China will be increased further.   

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