Chinese policy of weaponizing capital is dangerous for the US, warns US Navy Secretary

Washington/ Beijing: ‘Their chequebook is the first thing to be kept in mind while deciding the policy about China. China is freely spending dollars and cents not only for their own military and technical development but also to increase its influence around the world. China is using capital as a weapon,’ US ‘Navy Secretary’ Robert V. Spencer expressed concerns about the dangers to the United States of this Chinese policy while issuing this warning. Senior army official General Robert Neller and General Thomas Waldhauser have confirmed this.


china, us,This threat from China was revealed at a recent US House of Representative hearing. ‘Navy Secretary’ Spencer referred to the ‘Hambantota’ port while clarifying about the threat. It has become clear that China has spent about $1.12 billion to get rights to this port. ‘I have lost my night’s sleep because of this open Chinese chequebook,’ said Spencer underlining the growing threat from China. Chief of ‘Marine Corps’, General Neller also confirmed the point.

‘China has nothing to do with Human Rights and they have huge liquidity at their disposal. They are using this liquidity to buy airstrips and ports in quick succession. They want to win without a conflict,’ warned General Neller. General Neller also warned that China has entered the fray to play a long-term game.

Also, the commander of US forces in Africa, Marine General , Thomas Waldhauser has shared the same concerns about China as expressed by General Neller. He raised the most important issue from the strategic point of view, of ‘Djibouti’, to draw attention to the Chinese activities. General Waldhauser warned that China can pressurise Djibouti mentioning the loans and other financial help. The army official also warned that this can have major effects on the interests of the United States.

General Waldhauser brought to the attention that China is trying to increase the number of bases in Africa and Djibouti is the beginning. US Congressman Bradley Byrne has also raised the issue of Djibouti in the letter written to the Defence Minister James Mattis. The US intelligence agencies have also drawn attention to the points raised by the defence and military officials and the Congressmen.

Dan Coats, the Chief of ‘National Intelligence’ claimed that China is spending about $8 billion – for expansion in 68 countries.

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