China warns of protecting its trade rights if Trump Presidency implements tariff threats

Washington / Beijing : Donald Trump, after ascending to the Presidency, would be thoroughly informed about rules of World Trade Organisation (WTO) hoped China’s Trade Representative. But if required, China too would exercise its powers as the member of WTO, warned China’s Deputy International Trade Representative Zhang Xiangchen. This is the second time that China has warned the United States on trade co-operation post Trump became President-elect of United States of America. The said warning has drawn all the attention as it has been announced by China during the US-China Trade co-operation meet that took place in Washington.

China warns of protecting its trade rights if Trump Presidency implements tariff threats

On Wednesday, meeting of ‘China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade’ was held in American capital, Washington. As per the reports, certain trade issues were agreed upon by both the countries during the meet. It is later during the press conference that Trade Deputy Depresentative of China’s Commerce Ministry conveyed stern indications on the points of trade and currency regulations.

“I hope that after Trump assumes office, he will be made aware of the obligations of a member-state of the World Trade Organization. And as a member of the WTO, China also has the right to ensure its rights.” claimed Zhang Xiangchen. However he refused to specify on what steps they intend to protect their rights under WTO rules.

China for the second time has spoken harshly addressing Trump. First time being right after Trump was elected as Presizhang-xiangchen-chinadent, China’s President Xi Jinping had a steely tele-conversation with Trump warning him to maintain cooperation with China. China’s government daily had too warned, hinting, that US will bear the maximum brunt if Trump rages ‘Trade War against’ China.

Trump while running his election campaign had aggressively alleged China as being responsible for bad state of the United States and had also accused China of looting it. Trump has said that soon after he takes President’s office he shall levy duties up to 45% on Chinese goods as well as declare China as ‘Currency manipulator’.

During the Presidency of Barack Obama, the US administration had refrained from declaring China as ‘Currency manipulator’, although had taken China to task for cyber-attacks, excess industrial production, dumping and governmental interference. Donald Trump’s aggressive stand on these points, seems to have provoked intense reaction from China.

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