China to deploy 500 warships in Asia Pacific

Beijing, Washington : “The tension between US and China has intensified over the South as well as East China Sea issue. On this ground, China might deploy at least 500 naval warships in the Asia-Pacific rim to protect its interests.” This news was published by leading news daily in UK.


China to deploy 500 warships in Asia Pacific

The US Navy was considered the most powerful in the world. The US naval armoury included 10 huge aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines; missile defense systems loaded on destroyers as well as stealth destroyers. Nevertheless, in the recent decades, China has attempted to multifold its naval power. In addition, the British newspaper, ‘Daily Express’, claimed that China will not scale down its power display due to its ongoing conflict with US over the South China Sea.

About a month ago, China tested its first aircraft carrier ‘Liaoning’ in the South China Sea region. China’s leading destroyers also participated in these war drills. Later, China had also organized the largest war drill in the western region of Pacific Ocean. A large number of Chinese warships had participated in this testing.

Since a month, the news of increase in manufacturing of Chinese destroyers, submarines as well as aircraft carrier have been afloat. China’s second indigenous manufactured aircraft carrier has reached its final stages of production; whereas in the next few years, the third aircraft carrier will also be ready, claimed Chinese military observers. China also aims to develop at least 10 floating nuclear power stations in the span of few years. More so, China has begun the militarization of the artificial islands in the South China Sea.

China’s military actions directly imply for its war against US, alleged the British newspaper.

US-China war would be a disaster for the world warned

China’s official mouthpiece

“Were the US and China to wage war on one another, the world would be polarized into two groups. This would spell a disaster for the world”, warned ‘People’s Daily’ newspaper, the official mouthpiece of China’s ruling ‘Communist Party’.

A military conflict might ignite between the two nations due to US President Donald Trump’s strategy against China, claimed People’s Daily. The newspaper advised both nations to make considerate efforts to avoid a military clash. Meanwhile, analysts in the US warn that the war between US and China would trigger on the South China Sea issue.

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