China dissident claims thousands of China spies swarm United States

New York : The billionaire Chinese entrepreneurs have stated that in the United States, more than twenty thousand Chinese spies are active and the intelligence network is ‘ready to destroy’ US. This entrepreneur named Guo Wengui has claimed that he is aware of the modus-operandi and networks of the intelligence operations of China. The current claims made by the Chinese entrepreneurs, residing in New York City are pointing towards new tensions looming between US-China relations.


Guo Wengui, who is in good terms with the Chinese ruling party and its army, had taken refuge in United States in 2015. Thereafter, the Chinese Government had made multiple efforts to bring Wengui back to China and silence him. A few months ago, pertaining to this, two senior Chinese officials had arrived in the US to seize and pressurize Wengui to return to China. However, their plan was busted when one of the officials was taken into custody by US. It is believed that China had called for the Trump government to repatriate Guo Wengui.

On this background, it appears that the outcome of the first interview, given by Wengui to one of the US daily, was extremely explosive. In an interviews, the Chinese entrepreneurs claimed that about 10,000 to 20,000 Chinese secret agents were operating in the United States, before 2012. Subsequently, after 2012 the Chinese Government dispatched a whopping 5000 spies and ordered them to intensify their intelligence operations in the United States. Prior to this, China had instructed these spies to operate on a defensive mode. Besides, Guo Wengui also stated that over the last few years, the Chinese government has increased its intelligence operations against US.

A few months ago, the Chinese government claimed that it had destroyed the US intelligence system located in China. Accordingly, the US authorities have  also acknowledged this statement.

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