Chinese ambitions and aggression a challenge for the international community, warns NATO

Brussels – NATO has warned that the Chinese ambitions and aggression pose a challenge to the regulation based international systems and the sectors connected to the security of NATO. NATO published a joint statement after the meeting held on Monday in Brussels and also appealed that there is a need for NATO to stand united to face the Chinese influence and policies. A strong reaction has been received from China over the NATO statement, and China retorted that NATO should stop making exaggerated statements regarding the China Threat Theory.


NATO 2030,Brussels,China Threat Theory,Washington Naval Treaty,Lab leak theoryNATO published a report named NATO-2030 in December last year. The report mentions the Chinese threats and recommends that an aggressive stance is necessary to counter the threats. Sources informed that there were detailed discussions regarding the Chinese threats during the meeting held on Monday, and the clear reflection of this can be seen in the joint statement issued after the meeting. For the first time in seven decades, NATO has mentioned the Chinese threat in its joint statement.

This statement draws attention to the Chinese ambitions and aggression. It points out that this is a threat to the security of the sectors connected to the security of the NATO member countries. There is a special mention of the Washington Treaty, the foundation of NATO, saying that the Chinese bullying policies are inconsistent with the values in this agreement. The statement warns that the increasing Chinese nuclear stocks and the military cooperation with Russia are posing a challenge.

At the same time, NATO has also lashed out at the spread of fake information by the Chinese government and its lack of transparency. The NATO statement also warns that the Chinese government should remember that China is a significant world power and should abide by space, cyber and marine sectors. The statement coming from the 30 members of NATO has made China extremely restless and has warned that NATO should pay attention to other issues.

China retorted, ‘NATO needs to look at the Chinese progress with a healthy viewpoint. Chinese defence policy is defensive, and NATO should spend more energy on establishing a dialogue.’ At the same time, China also accused that NATO is still carrying the Cold War mentality.

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