Trump would have been President then: US Senator Lindsey Graham

Washington: – Senior US Senator Lindsey Graham said that if the pieces of evidence regarding Wuhan Lab Leak had been received a year ago, the results of the US Presidential elections would have been different. Graham criticised that the facts regarding Wuhan Lab Leak could not be unearthed as 27 US researchers prepared a false, politically motivated report.


Researchers connected with the Wuhan Institute of Virology prepared a fake report and announced that the Coronavirus was not developed in a laboratory. Graham lashed out at these researchers, saying that these researchers are desperately trying to save their reputation today. Lindsey Graham was speaking during an interview with the US news channel Fox News. Senator Graham claimed that the Coronavirus pandemic had a major political impact in the United States.   

The researchers in the United States had denied the claims made by former President Trump, who referred to the Coronavirus as the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus. Trump suffered a major political setback because of this. Now the claims are surfacing that Coronavirus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. Some researchers even claimed to have evidence to prove this. Senator Graham stated, ‘If this Wuhan Lab Leak theory had been accepted a year ago, Donald Trump would have been re-elected as the President of the United States, as this would have radically changed the image of Donald Trump in the whole of the United States.’ The question would have been raised during the campaign, ‘China virus has been spread consciously, and who can make China responsible for it, Trump or Biden?’ If it had been proved in February last year that the claims made by Trump are valid, Trump would have continued to be the President of the United States.   

Coronavirus pandemic claimed more than 600,000 lives in the United States. The opposition campaigned that President Trump and his administration failed to contain the pandemic. This had a major impact on US voters. Some even accused that the spread of Coronavirus was a political conspiracy against them. Against this background, the interview of Senator Graham becomes extremely important. More importantly, a demand for Presidential re-election is being made by some people, from the United States, on social media. This demand is supported by a claim that there was a conspiracy against President Trump to pull him down.   

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