Pakistan Foreign Minister dismisses the country’s connection with Taliban

Islamabad – Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi announced, ‘Pakistan is not connected to Taliban. Taliban are not Pakistan’s favourites.’ Such statements made by the Pakistan Foreign Minister during talks regarding Afghanistan become significant. This is a noteworthy change in the stand and policies of Pakistan, which has always stood with Taliban. At the same time, saying that Pakistan will not be responsible for whatever happens in Afghanistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi has made every possible effort to save his country.


Taliban,pakistan Foreign Minister,Shah Mehmood Qureshi,Afghanistan Peace Process,Ashraf GhaniShah Mahmood Qureshi made an earnest appeal ‘It has become a traditional belief that Pakistan supports Taliban. We do not want Talibanization in this country. Taliban is from Afghanistan and Pakistan is our country. Do not connect Pakistan with Taliban.’ A few days ago, Qureshi had warned that Pakistan could not be held responsible for what happens in Afghanistan. This change in the Pakistani policies indicating that Pakistan has parted ways with Taliban will come as a jolt even for the extremists in the country.

Taliban is no more under Pakistani control. Taliban have become expert politicians and have started talking directly with countries. These even include India. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had taken a stopover for some time, in Qatar, on his way to Kuwait. The Indian analysts are pointing out that the Taliban have their political office in Qatar. The said discussions between Taliban and India makes Pakistan restless. Pakistan has adopted a stand against Taliban and indications are that Afghanistan politics is moving in a different direction.

Taliban had indicated that it was keen on talking to India. Taliban is delivering a message that if Taliban come to power in Afghanistan, Indian investments and projects will be welcome in the future. At the same time, Taliban has also assured that the Afghan soil will not be let used for activities against India. Pakistan seems to have has distanced itself from Taliban given these issues.

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