Coronavirus indeed developed in a laboratory, two US researchers claim

Washington: – Two researchers from the United States asserted that the Coronavirus is artificial. These researchers said that this could be clearly stated after the information received from studying the virus’s genome. This further endorses the accusation that the Coronavirus is a product of the Wuhan laboratory. In the past, certain researchers, The World Health Organisation and even US Health advisor Dr Fauci had given a verdict that Coronavirus is a natural virus. But now, established researchers are providing a different judgment and denying their statements is becoming difficult for those defending China. 


Dr Fauci’s demand should be sacked from his post and made to face an inquiry, gaining ground. US Congressmen also have made this demand. Even a campaign has been started against Dr Fauci on social media. The US news channels are accusing that Dr Fauci hid the real information regarding Coronavirus and kept the United States in the dark despite being aware. Some Americans are also making vitriolic criticism that the United States is paying a heavy price for ignoring the accusation made by former President Trump that China spread the Coronavirus pandemic.  

In this situation, newer information has surfaced endorsing the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory. Two researchers, namely Steven Quay and Richard Muller, claimed that Coronavirus is an artificial virus and a conspiracy during an interview. Furthermore, these researchers claim that the genome of the Coronavirus CGG-CGG cannot develop naturally. Even in the past, researchers from Europe had made similar claims and expressed suspicion against China. Therefore, the claim that Coronavirus was not spread from the Wuhan lab has weakened.   

Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump had demanded recovery of $10 trillion from China, which has spread the coronavirus pandemic, as compensation. However, China has dismissed the claim, and the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that China would not pay any compensation whatsoever to any country. 

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