US researchers advise finding the origin of Coronavirus to avoid COVID-26 and COVID 32 pandemics

Washington: – Dr Peter Hotez, a researcher doctor from the United States, has warned that there is a threat of future COVID-26 and COVID-32 pandemics if the origin of Coronavirus is not found. Hotez also warned that the world suffered pandemics like SARS and MERS in the last two decades. If pandemics are to be avoided in future, it is necessary to go into China and unfold all the mysteries surrounding the world about the Coronavirus pandemic. Whereas, Dr Scott Gottlieb, former senior US official and expert, claimed that evidence has surfaced that the Coronavirus pandemic started from the laboratory at Wuhan in China.   


Last year, former US President Donald Trump slammed that the Coronavirus pandemic has started from the laboratory at Wuhan in China. Senior officials from the Trump administration also had made statements in this matter. At that time, Trump’s statement faced strong opposition from US media, opposition parties, European countries, leading researchers, experts and political circles. But the situation has changed over the last few months; credible claims are being made that the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory in Wuhan. Therefore, the US researchers and even the political circles are targeting China over the Wuhan Lab Theory.   

The warning issued by Dr Hotez, responsible for Vaccine development in a Texas hospital, is drawing the attention of the entire world. Dr Hotez pointed out that the first major pandemic, SARS, originated in China. Dr Hotez referred to this to stress that the origin of COVID-19 must be found. DR Hotez also pointed out ‘A team of international researchers has to be based in the Hubei province of China for a minimum period of six months to one year, for this purpose. This is very important not only for China and the United States but also for the international community.’  

Dr Scott Gottlieb, former head of US Food and Drug Administration, also criticized China on this issue. Dr Scott Gottlieb lashed out ‘China has failed to produce any evidence to disprove the accusations against the Wuhan laboratory. Nothing has been achieved in the research into the claim that Corona started from the forests. Instead, credible evidence is surfacing to prove that it started from a laboratory.’   

Michael McColl, the Senior Republican party member from Texas, fired a salvo of criticism that the Chinese efforts to hide the information regarding Coronavirus became the worst coverup in human history. McColl also blamed that the coverup has cost 3.5 million lives and the global economy has also been devastated.   

The Chinese stand has always been suspicious since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2019. China consistently hid all the information regarding Coronavirus to avoid being blamed for the pandemic. It also published frivolous claims that the pandemic originated from other countries. It also suppressed the voices of Chinese researchers speaking about the pandemic. Some researchers escaped from China, fearing for their lives and took asylum in other countries. The Chinese regime has become fidgety as the issue of Lab Leak Theory has once again come on the anvil, against all this background.   

After that, China started trying to save its skin by claiming that the Indian strain of Coronavirus is being found in China. But as newer evidence supporting China’s claims spread the Coronavirus pandemic are surfacing daily, it is becoming difficult for China to absolve itself from the accusations. China has started a fuss that this is a part of politics against it. But a feeling of hatred is becoming stronger against China, responsible for spreading the pandemic that claimed 3.5 million lives worldwide and China would face an intense backlash of this sentiment. 

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