Biden administration had closed the Wuhan Lab Theory inquiry initiated by Trump and Pompeo, claims US news channel

Washington/Beijing: – Former US President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had started an inquiry to confirm that the origin of Coronavirus was in the laboratory at Wuhan in China. A shocking revelation has been made that Joe Biden shut down the investigation citing the reason that there was no proof after taking over as President. US news channel CNN published a report in this regard. This revelation at a time when the ‘Lab Leak Theory’ is on the anvil, on the international level, becomes significant.   


Former US President Donald Trump was the first to mention that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic was in the laboratory at Wuhan. He referred to the Coronavirus as Wuhan Virus in all his statements and claimed that China was responsible for the pandemic. But the US media had strongly criticised, blaming Trump for being irresponsible. After that, Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo indicated an inquiry into the laboratory in Wuhan.   

At the end of last year, Pompeo initiated a confidential inquiry through the medium of the agencies in the state department. The investigation was being carried out to search for links between Chinese bioweapons, Wuhan laboratory and Coronavirus. It has also been revealed that the state department had issued a fact sheet regarding the inquiry into Coronavirus.   

But in January, the process of reversing the decisions taken by the Trump administration started after Biden took over as the President. It had been exposed that the intention was to soften the actions against China. Accordingly, the inquiry instituted with the initiative taken by Trump and Pompeo was scrapped. Reasons like legal framework, insufficient evidence and improper use of sources were forwarded for the action. The members of the inquiry committee dismissed these reasons.   

A few days ago, Former US Secretary of State and former Chief of CIA, Mike Pompeo, had made a statement that the origin of Coronavirus was indeed in the laboratory at Wuhan in China. He had claimed in his statement that circumstantial evidence and the frantic efforts by the Chinese government to suppress the information regarding the Wuhan laboratory only go to prove that the origin of Coronavirus was in the Wuhan laboratory.   

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, President Biden ordered intelligence agencies to expedite the investigation for locating the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic and present a report in 90 days. The dual-faced nature of the Biden administration is once again exposed with this decision. After shutting down the efforts started by the Trump administration, issuing orders to the same effect, only shows that the policy adopted by Trump was correct.   

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