China spread the Coronavirus in the world: Dr Li-Meng Yan

Washington: – Dr Li Meng Yan announced that Corona is not a natural virus. China has developed it in the laboratory. Moreover, it is China that spread the virus in the world. She further said that she has the evidence to prove her claim. Dr Li Meng Yan, who escaped from China to seek asylum in the United States, made this claim during an interview with a US news channel. Dr Li Meng made a sensational claim that China was expecting the havoc created by Coronavirus.   


The Coronavirus came from the laboratory at Wuhan, in China. But China is putting up a defence that this Lab Leak theory wrong. The World Health Organisation, which is under Chinese influence, is desperately trying to cover up for China. But the responsible researchers around the globe have started accusing that the Coronavirus is indeed a bioweapon used by China in the third world war. In this scenario, the news agencies around the world are highlighting the claims made by Dr Li Meng, a researcher who was researching virology in China.   

Dr Li Meng said that it is being claimed that this is a natural virus, even though Coronavirus is not a natural virus. She said that this is a fake campaign and cheating. Furthermore, Meng said she could prove that Coronavirus is not a naturally occurring virus; it was created in a laboratory. ‘I have worked with the topmost virologists. From my experience, I can confidently say that Coronavirus has been developed in a laboratory,’ she said. 

Dr Li Meng levelled serious accusations like the havoc played by the Coronavirus pandemic around the globe was expected for the Chinese military; this virus was spread only for destroying the world. Earlier, an Australian newspaper published a letter of an officer of the rank of General in the Chinese army, proving that Corona is a bioweapon of the Chinese military. The Chinese military official had presented a plan, in 2015, to use Coronavirus as a bioweapon in the third world war. Therefore, it is clear that the accusations levelled by Dr Li Meng are not baseless. At the same time, it is being revealed that China is becoming increasingly insecure because of these successive accusations.   

Dr Li Meng levelled these accusations against China during an interview with the new Channel’ Fox News. Tucker Carlson, the host, accused that media, big tech companies, and the Chinese communist regime use their influence to suppress her voice. Moreover, Carlson drew attention to the fact that the laboratory where the Coronavirus was developed, had been funded with US taxpayers’ money.   

Carlson also pointed out that the approval for this aid to the laboratory in Wuhan had been signed by Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor the US President. This question was raised even in the US Congress and a probe was demanded into the matter. US Congressional committee also had held a hearing with Dr Fauci on the subject.   

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