Union government to initiate National Cyber Security Strategy

New Delhi: – National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has warned that the cyberattacks in the country have increased by 500%. The dependence on the digital payment platforms has increased in the times of Coronavirus crisis, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation. Therefore, a significant increase has been observed in cybercrimes. Doval informed that thus, the union government has decided to bring the National Cyber Security Strategy with a view to stopping cybercrimes.   

Doval was speaking at the conference organised by the Kerala Police and Society for Policing the Cyber Space and Information Security Research Organisation. Many changes have taken place in the way of working due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the use of digital platforms has increased. Some people with crooked interests are viewing this as an opportunity. Doval pointed out that there has been an increase of 500% in the cybercrimes, only due to the lack of cybersecurity awareness.   

Doval appealed, ‘The enemy also is trying to benefit from the situation by spreading misinformation and fake news. The cyber data floating in the cyberspace is like a gold mine. The theft of this information could be detrimental to the privacy of the individual. Therefore, one needs to be cautious while carrying out online transactions.’ Doval suggested using the internet responsibly.   

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