Chinese military withdraws from Galwan Valley

New Delhi: China, restless because of the aggressive stand adopted by India on the military, political and economic fronts, has finally started withdrawing its military from the Galwan Valley. The Chinese foreign ministry informed that the Chinese military has retreated from the region, against the background of the talks between special envoys from both the countries to diffuse tension on the border. Whereas, the Indian military has said that it is closely monitoring the movements of Chinese military and indicated that no chances could be taken on this front. Therefore, the Indian military has started expeditious movements to purchase special equipment necessary to cope with minus temperatures for its soldiers in Galwan.


Chinese military withdraws from Galwan ValleyIndian demonstrated its capabilities by teaching the Chinese military a lesson in the Galwan incident and thereafter making man-to-man deployment on the border. The Indian government took important decisions to deliver economic jolts to China, and the Indian public rocked China by supporting the government wholeheartedly. At the same time, the countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, France and Germany stood up in support of India, forming a major political front against China. Amid all these developments, the Indian Prime Minister visited Leh and met the soldiers deployed there and delivered a message to the whole world that these Chinese expansionist policies are a threat to the world as a whole. Restless after being rocked on all these fronts, China has started appealing to diffuse the tension on the border. Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held special discussions regarding the matter.

Against this background, the Chinese foreign ministry claimed that the Chinese military had retreated by around one to one and a half kilometres from the Galwan Valley. At the same time, the Chinese military has wound up the tents erected at Finger-4, in the Pangong Tso area. The sources in the Indian government said that the Chinese movements have been noted. But this can be said with certainty only after confirming that the Chinese military has wholly withdrawn from the region. After experiencing betrayal once, the Indian army has not shown any laxity in its deployment in the Ladakh region. The temperatures in Ladakh are dropping slowly, and in this scenario, the Indian military has started increased movements to supply all the other necessary resources to help its soldiers cope with the cold, in addition to military equipment.

Although China, cornered on all fronts, is withdrawing from the Galwan Valley, this is not the end of the expansionist activities. As per military analysts, China will continue to intrude into the Indian territory in different ways. Therefore, the military analysts have advised the Indian government that India should not give a chance to China to impose on any front, dropping its aggressive stance. The military analysts are demanding that India should draft a comprehensive policy in this matter.

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