India and Japan will work together for the countries of the Indo-Pacific region – EAM S. Jaishankar 

New Delhi: – Indian Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar asserted that India and Japan would come together for the countries in the Indo-Pacific and the other sectors, against the expansionist Chinese policies. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that India and Japan share the same viewpoint; both the countries have major contributions to the changes in this sector. The statement of the Indian Foreign Minister becomes vital against the background of the defence cooperation agreement signed, last week, between the two countries.   


Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the apex body for industry and trade in India, recently published a report regarding the India-Japan cooperation. Foreign Minister Jaishankar pointed to the increasing closeness between the two countries while addressing the virtual conference organised on this occasion. Jaishankar said ‘India has developed comprehensive cooperation with Japan through Two Plus Two and Annual Meetings and Japan is the only country having this arrangement. With this, the strengthened ties, common viewpoint regarding international developments and common interests can be imagined.’ At this time, the Indian Foreign Minister informed that India and Japan have started moves to implement joint projects in the Indo-pacific as well as other sectors.  

Foreign Minister Jaishankar indicated the increasing cooperation between India and Japan saying “India and Japan have successfully started the implementation of joint projects in Sri Lanka. Going further, it is being explored if such cooperation is possible in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The ‘East India Forum’ setup for the development of the northeastern states can be useful for this purpose.” While saying that such cooperation is also possible in sectors other than the Indo-Pacific, S. Jaishankar mentioned the Far East region of Russia and Island nations in the pacific.  

The Indian Foreign Minister taunted China saying the objective of the countries in the Asian continent should be to increase the influence of the continent, rather than a single country, in the world, and it will be important that the larger countries avoid conflicts with the other countries. The Foreign Minister also indicated that India and Japan could join hands even in the Health security and supply chain for trade against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic and claimed that this could strengthen the front against China.   

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